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We have good product range right from 1 kg Electronic Blance to 300 T Electronic Weigh Bridges. We also make specific Weighing Systems and Weigh Bridges to the customer choice and needs.
Our wide range of products are as follows :
The Toughest, Most Reliable Design Unlike other manufacturers products NESL weigh bridges.

An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company
Utilize fully welded module construction fitted to big large. Universal beams, Support of multiple cross members a 10mm thick plate. Complete our externally heavy design. The total structure is mounted on 4/6/8 Load cells the access of the load cell is gained from out side of the weigh bridge for making servicing easier and less time consuming. For extra piece of mind. Please also be aware that having. Produced and Installed more than 2000 weigh bridges.

Bag Filling Machines - SR - FM
Bag filling machines are for filling Gravels Powders in bags. The unique design makes it suitable for large scale packing.
  • Single and Dual hopper weighing and filling system for large quantity and accurate filling.
  • P.L.C. Based Control Unit
  • Course and Fine feed for better accuary.

    Weigh Sensors : Load Cell Based

    No. of Fillings    : 8-12 fillings P.M.

    Capacity           : 1Kg - 100Kg.
Automatic Gravimetric CAN / TIN / DRUM Filling Machines
Accuracy                 : Better than + / -0.1%

Load Sensor           : Strain based Load Cell

Fill Mode                 : Auto / Manual

Operating Pressur  : 6-8 bar
                                 1Kg - 50Kg and upto 300Kx50g Automatic Gravimetric filling                                  instrument used for oil, chemical etc.,
Tank Weighing
  Storage Tanks for solid Material & Liquid
  Industrial Tanks, Silos, Banker Mixers.
  Output to P.L.C Computer, 0 - 1 VDC, 4 to 20 MA
  Automatic Process Control Systems
Bag Closing, Loading Conveyer, Bag Stocker
Stitching Machine : Revo Dual Stitching
Conveyor Bag Protection : On wooden planks
  Length 14 ft 33 ft 45 ft
  Max Height 9 ft 22 ft 32 ft
  Axle Wheel 500 ft 600 ft 70 ft
  Geared Motor 02 HP 05 HP 7.5 HP

Bag Loader and Stockers
Very useful for handling, loading, stocking, of all types of closed bags these state type are used for loading and unloading also.
Application :
  • Handling sugar, Fertilizer bags.
  • Starch, powder and flour mills.
  • Rice, Paddy, Dall Mills ect.
Our Ranging weigh BRIDGE products are as :

                          8x3 MTR.                    9x3 MTR                            12x3 MTR
                          40/50,000 KG             50 MT                               60 MT
                          16x3 MTR                   18x3 MTR                          20x3.3 MTR
                           80 MT                         80 MT / 100 MT
Our small scale range for 50 kg to 3 mt of various platform sizes.